About Us

G.W. Brown

V.P. of SMP Waste Management

Stone Mountain Press is a creative enterprise established in 2015 by G.W. Brown, the sole proprietor, game designer, writer, editor, sometimes artist, occasional musician, and maintenance man.

I have designed games my whole life, several of which I have shared for free via the web since 2003. Legends of Boxing, a tabletop boxing simulation, was my first public game released. Among many sports gamers, Legends of Boxing remains highly regarded. Other speculative designs followed, such as GridZone, a fictional spin on American Football, and Quick Fixture, a fast-play soccer simulation. I have enjoyed sharing and discussing these games with hundreds of players worldwide.

My first commercial release was a role-playing game supplement titled Search & Destroy in 2016, which featured an organization called the Stone Mountain Emissaries, from which Stone Mountain Press took its name.

As we advance, I endeavor to produce more unique games and supplements for several genres, from sports games to tabletop RPGs, perhaps even a miniature war game. I sincerely hope you will find something in our product line that adds enjoyment and inspiration to your hobby!

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