Base Camp Newsletter: June 2022

Base Camp Newsletter: June 2022

This edition comes a few days early as we prepare to hit the road. Our online shop will remain open for downloadable products, and shipping of hard copy orders will be fulfilled on June 3rd.

New Release! 

2021-22 Premier League is here

The freshly-completed campaign was a twisting-turning journey!  Everton started well, but found themselves in a relegation battle down the stretch. Inconsistent Arsenal were abysmal in the early rounds, but eventually heated up to challenge for a Champion's League spot. Newcastle seemed doomed to relegation until a managerial change propelled them to a mid-table finish. The brief spark of Ronaldo's return to Man United, diminished into a harsh reality as the club fell short of a prestige (European competition) spot for the first time.  Of course, at the top of the league, little separated Man City and Liverpool in a season-long race for supremecy. A dramatic comeback win on the final matchday made City the champions by a single point.  This season is ripe for replay drama!

NOTE: These files are PNG images instead of PDF. We have run into some issues with PDFs in the past few months with different readers (software) corrupting fonts and layers in strange ways. PNG images are more stable and more efficient for downloading and hard drive storage. If this new format presents  issues for you, let us know.

The Print Edition should be available by mid-to-late June.

  • More Season Sets for Dice United: Work has already begun on the latest season sets for Serie A and the EFL Championship. (PNG files expected in late June, Print edition in July)
  • Kings of the Ring 2010s: The next expansion for LOB is about 40% complete, including the heavyweights, super middleweights, and welterweights.  It is great to be working on fighter ratings again, but I forgot how time-consuming it is!
  • Stone Cold Hockey: We've been neck-deep in fine-tuning this upcoming release and it is really taking shape! In case you missed it, there are a couple of sneak peek -development videos already in our Gamescape channel. The first video is linked below and there are more to come. Future videos will show the "impacts" of empty net "crunch time", hits, stamina-tracking, fights and more!

That's all for now! Thanks for subscribing.  Keep an eye on our Gamescape channel or our website for more hockey demos in June.