Dice United

Dice United

Built on the foundation of Quick Fixture, this soccer league simulator excels at producing tables (standings and points) and goals for/against. A match can be completed in about 10 minutes, allowing you to play an entire week of fixtures in a single sitting. However, it's not just about generating numbers, and Dice United produces the chronological story of a match with yellow cards, set pieces, defensive plays, narrow misses, great saves, and more! The game also features an optional Interactive Mode, enabling you to make a few tactical decisions for your club.

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A Sample of a Match

Derby County Hosting Leeds United


  • The Control Range in favor of Derby is 1-13 (14 or higher is an attack for Leeds)
  • The Total Aggression of both sides is 16, so the Discipline Grade is C, and the Pitch Battle Number (PBN) is 14. Therefore, a Discipline die-roll in the 14-20 range triggers a Pitch Battle.
  • Both clubs have more than one keeper. Starting GKs are Bailey Peacock-Farrell (Leeds) and Scott Carson (Derby)

Here are the results, sequence-by-sequence:

  • 6': (Kickoff roll is 1 die +1) Discipline die reads 15; it's an early Pitch Battle. Result: Early warning. No yellow card or stoppage time.
  • 10': (begin Normal timing, 2 dice) Another Pitch Battle. YC – Derby. Roll on their Bookings column yields Tom Huddlestone. +1' stoppage time noted.
  • 18': Leeds attack, but an excellent low roll (5) on the defense die, shifts the result to Column D. Counterattack for the Home side! Column A result: ATK 9+ KPR check, but Derby is an 8, so in Column B, they generate a corner kick chance instead. The corner kick roll is "punched away by the keeper—end of the sequence.
  • 25': Derby attack shifted to Column D, "DEF 9+ intercepts," but Leeds is only a 7, so they concede a corner. Result: "Well defended and cleared."
  • 27': Pitch Battle: "Two players down in a heap." This situation is an AGG Check, and the results were Derby 20 and Leeds 13. Derby is booked again. YC Andre Wisdom. Not so wise after all… +2'stoppage time.
  • 42': Derby attack, Column A: Free kick, +1' stoppage time. Free kick result: "Shot sails high."
  • 43': The timing roll was 4 and 1. The 4 is dropped, and the 1 is applied. We've now entered the "crunch phase." Derby's attack concludes in Column C, "Rising shot over the crossbar."
  • 43': Timing roll of "0". Another sequence occurs immediately! But Leeds' attack is shifted to Column D, "Physical challenge forces an off-balance strike." Had it not been for a good DEF roll, Leeds would've gotten a shot on goal (KPR check).

The next timing roll was 8', which exceeds all remaining time (2 mins regulation + 3 stoppage mins)

End of Half: 0-0

  • 50': (Kickoff roll, 1 die + 46) Derby attack, Column A, "ATK 3+ KPR check". It's a shot on goal! KEEPER CHECK result: KPR 6+ Save…. NOOOOO!! Leeds KPR is a 5. Derby takes the lead 1-0! Goal credited to Jack Marriott.
  • 60': (Normal 2-dice timing) Derby attack, Column B, corner kick. Result: "Keeper controls."
  • 71': Leeds attack, Column A, "ATK 7+ KPR check" Yes! Leeds is a 7. Result: "KPR 4+ save!" Yes! Derby's KPR is a 6. Save made!
  • 77': Leeds attack shifted to Column D: "Sliding defender blocks the shot."
  • 86': Pitch Battle: "Balance the books..." YC to Leeds, Ezgjan Alioski.  +1' stoppage time.
  • 87': Roll was 8 and 0. The 8 is dropped, and the 0 applies, but the minimum time elapsed is 1 minute due to the previous pitch battle. We are now entering the Crunch phase. Leeds attack, Column D, "Bold header blocks a dangerous shot."
  • +2': (The default interval of +3' is in effect because accrued stoppage time was less.) Pitch Battle: YC AGG check, but no stoppage time on an "easy call." Result: Leeds 21, Derby 15. YC to Leeds, Gaetano Berardi.
  • +2': (Timing roll was 0) Leeds, Column A, "ATK4+" Yes! Here comes the shot! SCORES!!!! The KEEPER Check roll was 29, which would require a KPR 9 or better to make that save. We are level 1-1! Goal by Mateusz Klich!
  • +3': (Timing roll was 7, so we stop and conduct the Final Attack) Derby attack, Column A… The d100 is 12, "ATK 7+ GOAL!" Derby's ATK rating is 8. They score in the closing seconds! Oh my! Martyn Waghorn is the hero of the day!

Derby County 2-1 Leeds United!