GridZone is Back!

GridZone is Back!

Merry Christmas everyone!  We got this project wrapped-up just in time. Now we are pleased to have two versions of GridZone, enabling two styles of play.  Currently released in PDF only, I will be considering a print run in a couple months. The preview pics below only show select components, both versions are complete with the AGL sample set.

Turf War 2: This game has been refined in subtle ways and streamlined in other ways.  Check out the December newsletter for details.

Classic GridZone: A more simplified approach based on the original game. Now this version is in-sync with the Turf War edition.

The two games are different, but fun in their respective ways! Turf War will give you more narrative depth with player matchups at the core of the results. Classic GZ plays more loosely, using the player skills as modifiers.  This will often produce  a more defensive game.

For more details, refer back to the December Base Camp Newsletter (on our home page) or go to the SMP Shop.  Hopefully, I will soon have some new Classic demo videos on the GridZone page.