GridZone is a fast-paced game of 7-on-7 football, based on a fictional sport in which field position translates to points. This game aims to provide a football experience that enables sustainable league play, season-after-season. GridZone is made possible with smaller rosters and streamlined statistics, and it is a tool kit for creating and managing your football league!

GridZone is a variant of American football, where field position equates directly to points. The fictional sport of gridball also supports the game's true purpose of sustainable career leagues through smaller rosters and streamlined mechanics. The action is highlight-driven, and there are plenty of big plays with only seven men per side. Best of all, the game is complete with a section on how to create and manage your league season-after-season.

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GridGrudge is fantasy football to the max! This variant of GridZone is by our friend Michael Sagliano. If you feel the urge to add more mayhem to your football experience, similar to Monsters of the Midway or Bloodbowl, check this out! The file below includes instructions and charts for bringing savage and whimsical action to your tabletop. GridGrudge enables you to create a league where teams of Noble races struggle in grid battles against Nasty races.

True-to-Life Players

At its core, GridZone is still gridiron-style football, minus the kickers and special teams. The same skills, running, blocking, passing, tackling, pass-rushing, and catching, apply. So it is fun to imagine what some of the great pro football players may have looked like as GridBallers.  Here are a few examples: