09.18.19: Off to the Print Shop: Lightweights!

The upcoming 6th expansion for Legends of Boxing has been sent to the print shop. Target release date, October 1st. Here are the fighters who made the cut:

Sammy Angott, Alexis Arguello, Henry Armstrong, Harry Arroyo, Cesar Bazan, Robin Blake, Livingstone Bramble, Charlie "Choo-Choo" Brown, Chango Carmona, Pedro Carrasco, Jimmy Carter, Teo Cruz, Howard Davis Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, Esteban DeJesus, Paddy DeMarco, Gabriel "Flash" Elorde, Ernesto Espana, Vilomar Fernandez, Art Frias, Joey Gamache, Norman Goins, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Philip Holiday, Lew Jenkins, Hilmer Kenty, Duk-Koo Kim, Ismael Laguna, Tony Lopez, Lenny "Boom-boom" Mancini, Jeff Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jean-Baptiste Mendy, "Bobcat" Bob Montgomery, Shane Mosley, Orzubek Nazarov, Claude Noel, Jimmy Paul, Freddie Pendleton, Jose Luis Ramirez, Mando Ramos, Edwin Rosario, Rafael Ruelas, Frankie Ryff, Gilberto Serrano, Wallace Smith, Dingaan Thobela, Edwin Viruet, James Watt, Juan Zurita

About 40% of these guys received special traits. Can you guess who a few of them might be?

09.04.19: SportsSim Magazine Debuts!

Issue Number 1 is available in PDF and print HERE! Yes, there is story about the development of our own Legends of Boxing, but there is much more! Plenty of good stuff on the hobby in general and baseball in particular. Check it out!

08.26.19: LOB gets Honorable Mention in Tabletop Gaming Magazine!

The current issue of this fine UK-based magazine has an article by our friend Tom Gerbasi on the return of Title Bout! Woven into this intriguing story are some quotes from me. Mr. Gerbasi also goes on to discuss the emergent games in this genre, LOB and Glory Days Boxing. Check it out HERE

08.25.19: New Expansion Set and Updated Fighter List

Below is the final list of the 50 fighters in the Light Heavyweight Set:
• Jorge Ahumada 
• Dennis Andries 
• Melio Bettina 
• Jimmy Bivins 
• Bobby Cassidy 
• Ezzard Charles 
• Anton Christoforidis 
• Billy Conn 
• John Conteh 
• Bobby Czyz 
• Ray Elson 
• Bob Foster 
• Pierre Fourie 
• Tiger Jack Fox 
• Victor Galindez 
• Bob Godwin 
• Thomas Hearns 
• Virgil Hill 
• Harold Johnson 
• Roy Jones Jr. 
• Slobodan Kacar 
• Don LaLonde 
• Sam Langford 
• Gus Lesnevich 
• John Henry Lewis 
• Yaqui Lopez 
• Lloyd Marshall 
• Henry Maske 
• Harry Matthews 
• Joey Maxim 
• Freddie Mills 
• Archie Moore
• Kemper Morton 
• Eddie Mustafa Muhammad 
• Matthew Saad Muhammad 
• Lotte Mwale 
• Danny Nardico 
• Willie Pastrano 
• Dwight Qawi
• Vicente Rondon 
• Maxie Rosenbloom 
• Mike Rossman 
• Jimmy Slade 
• Michael Spinks 
• Leslie Stewart 
• Fabrice Tiozzo 
• Gene Tunney 
• Prince Charles Williams 
• J.B. Williamson 
• Tommy Yarosz

This set will be available in the shop this afternoon!

08.13.19 Up next: Light Heavyweights!

I just sent the Light Heavyweight Set off to the print shop. It will be about a week or two to turn them around and have them ready to ship. (See the updated list of fighters above, 08.25.19) Tunney, Foster, Moore, and Charles are just nightmares in that division. In reviewing Tunney, I gained a new respect for his sharp punching and aggression against other light heavies. Fantastic at controlling the gap. You also have the likes of Jimmy Bivins, Harold Johnson, Roy Jones, Langford, and Spinks to push them to their limits. On the other end of the spectrum, I dropped in a few obscure guys like Ray Elson and Danny Nardico, just for kicks.

08.08.19: Junior Welterweight Expansion Released!

Another set of 50 fighter cards brings the total number of fighters for LOB to 375! There's more to come. We are already working on the Light Heavyweights. Here are the fighters in the new Junior Welterweight set:

Pedro Adigue, Bruno Arcari, Alexis Arguello, Rene Arrendondo, Domingo Ayala, Lennox Blackmoore, Timothy Bradley, Piero Brandi, Monroe Brooks, Johnny Bumphus, Antonio Cervantes, Julio Cesar Chavez, Juan Martin Coggi, Billy Costello, Bruce Curry, Morris East, Perico Fernandez, Alphonso Frazier, Paul Takeshi Fuji, Arturo Gatti, Carlos Maria Gimenez, Leroy Haley, Gene Hatcher, Ricky Hatton, Joao Henrique, Carlos Hernandez, Akinobu Hiranaka, Nicolino Locche, Duilio Loi, Sandro Lopopolo, Ollie Maki, Saoul Mamby, Terry Marsh, Benny Medina, Miguel Montilla, Saensak Muangsurin, Zach Padilla, Eddie Perkins, Vince Phillips, Rafael Pineda, Aaron Pryor, Willi Quatuor, Frankie Randall, Conny Rudhof, Ubaldo Sacco, Lonnie Smith, Michael Stewart, Hector Thompson, Kostya Tszyu, and Mickey Ward

06.13.19: Welterweights: the Third Expansion Set

This set of 50 fighter cards has been sent to the print shop! We plan to release it on July 7th. Here are the fighters included:

Virgil Akins, Art Aragon, Billy Backus, Tommy Bell, Maurice Blocker, Johnny Bratton, Mark Breland, Simon Brown, Oba Carr, Scott Clark, Freddie Cochrane, Curtis Cokes, Miguel Cotto, Pipino Cuevas, Brian Curvis, Aaron Davis, Tony DeMarco, Roberto Duran, Angel Espada, Crisanto Espana, Billy Graham, Davey Green, Emile Griffith, Joergen Hansen, Gypsy Joe Harris, Lloyd Honeyghan, Colin Jones, Don Jordan, Nino LaRocca, Roger Leonard, Hedgemon Lewis, Antonio Margarito, Milton McCrory, Buddy McGirt, Jimmy McLarnin, Victor Ortiz, Manny Pacquiao, James Page, Carlos Palomino, Benny Paret, Pete Ranzany, Luis Rodriguez, Johnny Saxton, Marlon Starling, John H. Stracey, Meldrick Taylor, Saverio Turiell, Jorge Vaca, Adolpho Viruet, Harold Weston

We initially planned a combined set of welterweights and junior welterweights, but after further discussion and consideration, it was decided that it would be cleaner and less confusing to keep the junior sets separate as well. So this 50-card collection sets the standard for future expansions. The upside is that the junior welterweight set will also include 50 cards, instead the 25 originally rated for the combined set. The price is expected to be about $10.

05.17.19: Next Expansion Set: The Middleweights!

The ratings are done! Next, we will review and proof them for a few days. The plan is to send this set to the print shop in next week. Here's the list of fighters:

  • Georgie Abrams
  • Vito Antuofermo
  • Joey Archer
  • Johh Ashton
  • Iran Barkley
  • Nigel Benn
  • George Benton
  • Nate Bolden
  • Lou Brouillard
  • Rocky Castellani
  • Jorge Castro
  • Hacine Cherifi
  • Mike Colbert
  • Les Darcy
  • Laurent Dauthuille
  • Terry Downes
  • Antwun Echols
  • Kevin Finnegan
  • Frank Fletcher
  • Tiger Flowers
  • Don Fullmer
  • Gene Fullmer
  • Ceferino Garcia
  • Marcos Geraldo
  • Joey Giambra
  • Herol Graham
  • Julio Cesar Green
  • James Green
  • Eugene Hairston
  • Loucif Hamani
  • Mustapha Hamsho
  • Henry Hank
  • Thomas Hearns
  • Gerhard Hecht
  • Al Hostak
  • John David Jackson
  • Julian Jackson
  • Tony Janiro
  • Reggie Johnson
  • William Joppy
  • Sumbu Kalambay
  • Solly Krieger
  • Caveman Lee
  • Andy Lee
  • Ray Leonard
  • Tony Licata
  • Jan Magdziarz
  • Sergio Martinez
  • Gerald McClellan
  • Holly Mims
  • Alan Minter
  • John Mugabi
  • Michael Nunn
  • Michael Olajide
  • Carl Olson
  • Ken Overlin
  • Kelly Pavlik
  • Paul Pender
  • Juan Roldan
  • Dave Sands
  • Wilford Scypion
  • Ray Seales
  • Tony Sibson
  • Billy Soose
  • Bunny Sterling
  • Shinji Takehara
  • Frank Tate
  • Jermain Taylor
  • Quincy Taylor
  • James Toney
  • Gratien Tonna
  • Randy Turpin
  • Rodrigo Valdez
  • Bobby Watts
  • Lester Yarbrough

04.23.19: The Latest Gamescape Video: Advanced LOB

More Heavyweight Action Coming Soon!

The first fighter card expansion set for LOB has taken shape! This grouping of 75 heavyweights will bring a lot more diversity to your fighter selection with Control ratings ranging from 1 to 8. Furthermore, 22 of these fighters have received special ratings to capture particular tendencies, but which ones?

  • Pedro Agosto
  • Omelio Agramonte
  • Johnny Arthur
  • Buddy Baer
  • Bob Baker
  • Trevor Berbick
  • Willie Besmanoff
  • Duane Bobick
  • Frank Bruno
  • Joe Bugner
  • Primo Carnera
  • George Chaplin
  • Randall "Tex" Cobb
  • Gerrie Coetzee
  • Gerry Cooney
  • Jean-Pierre Coopman
  • Francesco Damiani
  • Embrell Davidson
  • Michael Dokes
  • Buster Douglas
  • Jimmy Ellis
  • Butterbean Eric Esch
  • Alfredo Evangelista
  • Luis Firpo
  • Jim "Fireman" Flynn
  • Mac Foster
  • Fred Fulton
  • Tony Galento
  • Mark Gastineau
  • Andrew Golota
  • Toxie Hall
  • Herbie Hide
  • Tunney Hunsaker
  • Ike Ibeabuchi
  • Ingemar Johansson
  • George "Scrap Iron" Johnson
  • Boone Kirkman
  • Vitali Klitschko
  • Kallie Knoetze
  • Scott LeDoux
  • Brian London
  • Ron Lyle
  • Buster Mathis
  • Peter McNeeley
  • Bernardo Mercado
  • Ray Mercer
  • Karl Mildenberger
  • Michael Moorer
  • Tommy Morrison
  • Randy Neumann
  • Gordon Racette
  • Alfio Righetti
  • Lucien Rodriguez
  • Jose "King" Roman
  • Giuseppe Ros
  • Bob Satterfield
  • Axel Schulz
  • Bruce Seldon
  • James "Bonecrusher" Smith
  • Renaldo Snipes
  • Leon Spinks
  • Ron Stander
  • Randy Stephans
  • Pinklon Thomas
  • James "Quick" Tillis
  • David Tua
  • Tony Tucker
  • Mel Turnbow
  • Nino Valdes
  • Stan Ward
  • Mike Weaver
  • Jess Willard
  • Carl "The Truth" Williams
  • Jimmy Young
  • Lorenzo Zanon

More LOB Demos and an Update! 04.03.19

Two more videos are up on our Gamescape channel showing actual play using just the basic rules.

Meanwhile, our print shop is supposed to ship the corrected chart and card reprints today. As soon as they arrive here, we will begin shipping Errata Packs out to the current customers. In the meantime, we are reviewing ratings for our first heavyweight expansion set.

LOB and the Pursuit of Excellence

Once LOB reached customers, a few errata items were discovered. Nothing major, but it was enough that we felt the need to stop taking orders until all the charts and cards were reviewed and corrected. An email has gone out to all customers regarding errata and next week we will reordered all the affected components. The replacement charts and cards will be sent to all existing customers before the store re-opens for new orders. Look for it in a couple weeks.

LOB Demo on Scoresheet Notation

Posted to the Gamescape channel on 03.29.

LOB Demo with a Conclusion

Let's end with a bang!

LOB Demo Continued...

Round 3 include cut and foul points

LOB Opening Round Demo on Gamescape

An example of pre-fight procedures and a first round demo!

03.19.19: LOB Preview on YouTube

Big thanks to Steve at After Further Review for discussing the upcoming release in his News segment! My new Gamescape video preview of the game is embedded below. Check it out!

03.05.19: Getting Real Around Here...

The photo below is the fully realized version of Legends of Boxing! Although I've only been on this path for three months, my dream of seeing this game in professional level production goes back to 2005. So yeah, today was a big deal! For those not already familiar with LOB, the primary charts, mode cards, quick reference card, and scoresheet are shown.

02.26.19: More Learning Curve for the Launch and GridZone Developments

So remember that previous bit about the print shop approving my layouts? Well, after I submitted the whole order, the fighter cards were rejected. So, I had to reformat the whole set. As a result, I had space to add five more fighters to the lightweight selection: Joe Brown, Kenny Lane, Lauro Salas, Juan Nazario, and Paul Spadafora.

In other news, there have been some neat developments for GridZone. Our friend Chris Hernandez is developing an online app and he's looking for play-testers. Check out his current demo HERE.

Interested? If so, reach me through the Contact form on this website and I'll forward your email to Chris.

02.18.19: Off and Running!

It is now official. LOB is going to print! Layouts have all been approved and the initial order is in queue. It will take about a month to get everything organized (dedicated space in my house) and ramped-up (online shop). We should be open for orders in late March, tentatively the 25th. The core game will come with 120 fighter cards:

02.05.19: In Training with Legends of Boxing

So for the past month, I've been learning a ton! From sourcing to publishing software to commercial print standards. Here are a few of the good and less good things I've discovered:

Less good: Small volume gets the shaft.

  • Boxes: I designed a nice cover for a chipboard box that I wanted for the game. Most manufacturers (US-based), said their minimum print run is 5000 units. Well my first print run is 100 units, so out of the question. But I kept looking, approaching smaller print shops. Most of them couldn't do it at all. I did find two companies that would do a print run of 100 boxes but the quotes were outrageous. Bottom line: Economy of scale won't support a nice custom chipboard box as I had hoped. So I'm still looking for alternatives.
  • Game boards: Again, I wanted nice thick boards, but similar story. My print run is too small to bring the cost down and make it feasible.

Good stuff:

  • The full-color game boards look great! They will be on the thickest card stock available through a small print shop. I can hardly wait to see them in physical form! Hopefully by the end of February.
  • Fighter cards! This is the biggest thing that has been missing from LOB all these years. They will be 2 x 3.5 inches on 110 lb stock and die-cut. Black & white, laser printed. The print shop is supposed to approve the layout today. I plan to feature over 100 fighters from various primary weight classes in the core set.
  • The new Mode Cards look really crisp and sharp! Aside from some minor text revisions, they're the same as they've been for years. You've probably heard the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".
  • New Player Aids: The game will include a flowchart of the basic procedures and a nice Quick Reference card. Sneak peak of the Quick Ref below.

The core game will come with dice instead of fast-action cards (FACs). LOB was originally designed as a dice game. The 2010 version featured FACs to allow smoother flow of the action. So as you can see, I've waffled on this myself over the years! But I needed to decide on one or the other for the core game, which informs how the instructions are written. If we see enough demand for FACs later on, then I'll produce a set as an add-on. So this is yet to be determined.

Looking ahead, I hope to start taking orders for LOB in April. We are excited to get this first product out there and see what happens. If all goes well, we will continue to support the game with several more products including more fighter card sets, a full-blown career system and more. By late summer, we hope to be turning our attention to Quick Fixture, giving it the same professional makeover. Thanks for checking in!

01.08.19: Is it a hobby or a business? Let's find out together!

In the past couple months I have been considering the pros and cons of offering free games. In truth, it has always been a conflict for me, but life has a way of changing your perspectives. In short, I feel that free product does more harm than good, particularly in the cottage industry of sports board games. So, effective immediately I have taken down Legends of Boxing, Quick Fixture, and GridZone. The plan is to give them a makeover and offer them as hard copy products with real game boards and card decks. This will help to establish our game line and give us something to build on.

Wish me luck as I start down this new road! There's much to be learned about publishing software, sourcing, printing, components, and shipping!

11.04.18: A Yellow Card and Added Time: The Dice United Dilemma

A month into play-testing, it was brought to my attention that Dice United - on the surface - looks and plays a lot like Fastcard Soccer. I have never seen or played Fastcard, but yet the similarities are there. Fastcard appears to be out-of-print, but it lives on in the form of an Excel game, Fastdice Soccer, which is available for free. That's a big problem. Why pay when a similar game is available at no cost? That's a big yellow card to me. Furthermore, the fact that Fastcard is no longer viable as a commercial product is another ill omen for our plans.

So, added time... After working on Dice United for a year, I have to step back from this. It will take time to reconsider the prospects for this game. I love football and I want to produce my own simulation game for it, but I have doubts that it is realistic. The amount of time and effort does not appear to be justifiable.

10.28.18: A Storm of Progress on Dice United

Amidst wave-after-wave of rain storms here in Texas... Only two weeks into the play-test phase and my trusted team of testers and advisors have come through in a big way! Their fresh perspective has brought many things to my attention and their suggestions are pushing this game to be as playable and realistic as it can be. Most importantly, the process of resolving challenges has been streamlined and now focus can shift more on statistical fidelity. The play-test runs into the 1st quarter of next year, so there's a long way yet to go. We are seriously vetting this game engine. Hopefully, we will have a uniquely fun soccer game that is ready for market in 2019!

10.03.18: Playtest Launched for Dice United!

It is on! The playtest package was sent out today, October 3rd! This was the culmination of over a year of design work, number crunching, and chart tweaking. The package consisted of 10 PDFs and nearly 70 pages of content, including the rules, player cards, and printable game components. Now we settle-in for a playtest phase that will run into January. Check in here for occasional updates on the play-test results!

09.28.18: Dice United Approaches Play-Testing Phase!

Behold the first card set printed for the Dice United! They look great to me. A couple of the team-colored headers are tough to read, but we can remedy that. Now we are getting the rest of the charts formatted for the play-test phase. It will be a long one, extending into next year! In the end, we should have a really solid game.

07.20.18: Dice United in an Airport

This is a benchmark of sorts. Dice United has now been played at an airport! Only a few minutes after kickoff, a stressed-out businessman settled in next to me. He didn't know what to think! Anyway, this gives you an idea how the game looks on the table.

07.04.18: The New Soccer Game has a Title!

Over the past two weeks I've really been hammering away on this game! The process of translating real-life stats to individual player ratings has been established. Prior to this, I was just testing the game using made-up, ad hoc ratings (fictional players and teams) to produce certain types of situations. That was my way of testing the flow and logic of the game engine.

Now I'm fiddling with the format of player cards and team sheets. I want to fit the top 20 players of each team on a single sheet. Here is one example of a player card format:

Notice that those are home ratings. Yes, teams will be rated separately for home and away. Over the next month or so, the focus will be on producing more ratings and playing lots of test matches. More to come as this game develops!

06.20.18: What I'm Working on

The website consolidation has been huge. Bringing several sites together as one was a larger effort than I thought, but it will be worth it to maintain the one site - with an actual domain name! In case you're concerned, Quick Fixture and GridZone will remain free games, but I am considering a commercial version of Legends of Boxing.

You: Why?

Me: I have an opportunity to take my game designs to the next level, but I can only justify the effort if there is compensation. So I'd like to sell some games and LOB is a candidate. It is a full-simulation and a game that is not fully realized in the current print-and-play format. I would love to see LOB get an actual game board and real quality cards, including individual ratings cards for the fighters (so you don't have to copy ratings onto a scoresheet).

Elsewhere, Quick Fixture has sustained my interest in soccer and so I am building on the framework of that game to make a more detailed soccer simulation with individual player ratings. I love how this design is unfolding! This could be a possible Kickstarter in the future, but there are countless hours of play-testing and tweaking ahead.

I am also working on a sci-fi adventure for the new Frontier Space RPG by DwD Studios, titled "Messages From Oblivion". This project is teaching me the basic of doing digital art.

Lastly, a little wargaming is on my mental map as well. There are plans in the works for a WWII supplement for Two Hour Wargames' NUTS! ruleset!

So... lots of plans! Lots of potential... Let's see how all this actually pans out!

G. W. Brown