American Football Reimagined...

GridZone is a fast-paced game of 7-on-7 football, based on a fictional sport in which field position translates to points. The goal of this game is to provide a football-like game experience that enables sustainable league play, season-after-season. This is made possible with smaller rosters and streamlined statistics. Everything you need to create your own career-style football league is here!

Obligatory Legal Disclaimer GridZone is a free game. Any sale of this game or its components without the author's written consent is prohibited. GridZone and GridBall are copyrights of Stone Mountain Press. All rights reserved.

Demo video of a full-length game

Downloads (Updated 12/04/2018)

GridZone Starter Includes the instructions, charts, and much more. All you need to give GridZone a try.

Q&A Supplement.pdf Clarifications and expanded explanations based on common questions

GZ Turbo Charts 2015.pdf A set of charts that boost the offense!

USFL USFL teams rated for GridZone.

DAL-GB Re-imagine the Ice Bowl as GridZone game.

FACs.pdf Printable set of fast-action cards as an option to rolling dice.

Excel Team

2016 NFL Playoff Select NFL teams converted for GridZone!