An Archive of Great Fights that Never Happened

Eusebio Pedroza vs Jeff Fenech


  • R1: Fenech came out aggressively with crosses and uppercuts and gained momentum as the round wore on. In the final minute, Fenech scored heavily with combinations downstairs. Pedroza seemed overly-cautious and absorbed it all.
  • R2: Pedroza turned the table. Fenech ate a tremendous straight shot to the face and stammered momentarily! Fenech tied him up, then missed with a wild punch and Pedroza landed a counter-jab. Fenech rallied in the final minute, but came up short in this round.
  • R3: Fenech shifted gears and really seemed intent on hurting Pedroza. Pedroza looked for counter opportunities as Fenech marched forward throwing plenty of punches. A clean straight punch had Pedroza stunned, but Fenech was too wild to capitalize. Late in the round, Pedroza shrugged off another clean shot to the head. Big round for Fenech…
  • R4 & 5: Through the next two rounds, Pedroza landed more often, but Fenech scored the bigger punches. It was becoming a bit of a chess match.
  • R6: Pedroza went inside and seemed to throw Fenech’s rhythm off. Pedroza blocked shots and scored heavily to Fenech’s midsection. Excellent round for Pedroza…
  • R7-8: Fenech tried to pressure, but Pedroza continued to stand his ground and land the better shots on the inside! Now Pedroza was finding Fenech’s head with his uppercut on a regular basis. Fenech was bleeding beneath the left eye by the middle of the 8th. Very interesting…
  • R9: Fenech backed-up a bit and the gap served him well. He landed a clean hook early in the 9th and was able to land straight punches as Pedroza tried to get to the body some more.
  • R10: Pedroza tried to brawl, but Fenech was content to pick his shots. There were a couple of even exchanges. Fenech landed a solid hook. Pedroza answered with a good uppercut. With a jab and a cross, Fenech seemed to gain the edge before the final bell.

This was a very close contest… Punch Pts: 55 Fenech, 56 Pedroza

Scores (1-pt must): 6-6 draw, 6-5 Fenech, 7-4 Fenech It all came down to how the judges scored Rounds 4 and 5, which were the slow, even rounds.

More to come!