Futbol. The Fast Way.

Quick Fixture is quick-play soccer game intended to generate tables (standings) and play-out large season replays and tournaments. The game is a good companion for full-play soccer simulations such as Classic Soccer, Net Results, or Soccer Blast.


Below you will find the Starter Pack for the game as well as dozens of season ratings. Links are in red lettering.

To check it out, download QF01 Starter Pack.

This compressed zip folder includes the following PDFs:

  • Instructions (8 pages, including an Appendix with a sample match)
  • Game Charts (1 page, color, card stock recommended)
  • Scoresheet

You will need to download a season set separately. There are two kinds: Basic and Complete.

  • Basic Sets are the team ratings without ranges for determining individual goal scorers or discipline cards.
  • Complete Sets contain goal and card ranges for the primary players on each club who contributed a significant amount of minutes (varies by season and team).

All-Time Great English First Division (Basic) by John Bowness

Mr. Bowness has shared his ratings from his round-robin schedule competition. Check it out on the Soccer Simulation Forum!

NEW! World Cup 2018 Ratings by Michael Owens

How's this for timely? Our esteemed Mr. Owens has used his knowledge of QFF to produce ratings for the World Cup teams plus a few more! See the notes file included for details!

Premier League 2017-18 Complete by Rich Meister

Have fun you Cityzens!

All-Time Great National Teams Complete by Bill Hild

This remarkable set provides for the ultimate what if competiton featuring the greatest footballers in history combined into their respective national squads. For a recap of how my competition unfolded, check out the League of Nations.

Premier League 2016-17 Complete

Good days at Stamford Bridge

2015-16 Bundle

A huge collection of 31 domestic leagues! Much credit to Andy and Danny Lewis for these ratings!

2014-15 Bundle

Three big European Leagues. The EPL and La Liga are complete versions.

2013-14 Bundle

Five domestic leagues, including a couple of English lower tiers.

Classic Set: English 1st Division 1971-72 (Complete)

The season in which three teams finished with 57 points and Derby County edged-them out with 58 to win the league.

Andy Lewis Quick Fixture Online Helper

This is a link to an HTML interface for playing Quick Fixture online. You have to enter in the year, such as 15-16, and then the respective team names and click on New Game. At the end of the half, you'll click on Next Half to continue. This is a very fast way to generate a table!