Search & Destroy

Search & Destroy

The realm of action heroes is full of shadowy organizations, deranged villains, and super-competent protagonists, from disguise artists to pilots to modern-day gunslingers. The movers and shakers of this world are incredibly tough, impossibly skilled, and absurdly lucky; such is the legendary stuff of countless action movies and thriller novels.

The first RPG supplement from Stone Mountain Press features 65-pages jammed with characters and organizations to populate your action setting in the vein of Bond or Bourne.

So, if you enjoy the streamlined, cinematic action of SUPERS! Revised then, this action supplement is right for you!

S&D expands your game with:

  • Campaign subsystem for pitting organizations against each other.
  • Special rules for weapons and equipment.
  • Social interaction mechanics.
  • Guidelines for creating dynamic chase scenes and much more.
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